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Public tax dollars should be used to fund PUBLIC schools. One of the the things threatening public schools are vouchers, Vouchers are reforms encouraging charter schools and private schools. For more info: http://gameonforkansasschools.com/issues/vouchers-scholarships-charters-online-schools-privatization/ 

Voting records mean more than party labels.  Our focus is our public school system and our students.

Fully funded schools benefit not only our kids, but also our community.  A strong public school system is a boon to property values, and a plus for businesses.

Outside interests have no place in bankrolling candidates who will focus on their agenda, rather than what is best for our students. ALEC and KPI and two large threats the influence candidates and how Kansas funds our schools. For more info: http://gameonforkansasschools.com/issues/alec-kpi-and-the-florida-reform-model/

Give a voice to parents and students in our district whose needs may be underrepresented.